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An interesting aspect of bonuses and promotions is that these incentives can offer advantages to both traders and brokers. You are able to boost the amount of your investment, which allows you to deal with more trading capital, which then gives you more chance to see the money rolling in.


Brokers will have the opportunity to profit from the bigger commissions deriving from bigger scaled trades.


Binary options brokers started to offer bonuses to their traders with the aim to gain more popularity to compete with other brokers, and also to motivate traders to trade again especially right after the worldwide recession which pushed a lot of successful firms towards bankruptcy.


This downturn surely made a lot of traders bail out from the markets. A great number of brokerages were led to close their business. It was crucial for them to come up with something immediately in order to survive the dark recession. And offering bonuses seemed to be the best answer.


Today, it is hard to find the broker what is not offering bonuses or promotions.  

Claiming Binary Options Bonuses

You will find a variety of bonuses offered at brokers.


1:  First deposit bonuses

This bonus probably is the most known and popular one. The bonus percentage can be as low as 10% and can go as high as 100%. The amount of this bonus depends on the amount of your first deposit, thus the traders need to make their first deposit in order to receive this bonus.


2:  Special Bonuses

A lot of brokers offer special bonuses for certain situations. One of them will be offered to help traders deal with market volatility. In this case, volatility can be a great chance to take advantage of generous bonuses and create a winning situation. We recommend that you pay close attention to the movements in the markets so that you won't miss this chance to get some big bonuses.


If you see that there are notable events going on, such as the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, rising prices of certain asset. Good example is the fiscal cliff which took place in the US, event like this can be a good chance to take advantage of some great promotions offered by the brokers.


Next are the bonuses offered throughout Holiday seasons including Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  Applying Your Binary Options Bonuses Correctly As the saying goes, "There is no such thing as a free lunch", bonuses are not totally free.


These bonuses are offered for trading purposes solely, and most of the time, they come with some requirements such as that you need to invest certain amount of money before making a withdrawal. However, fulfilling this kind of requirement shouldn't be your main focus.


We've seen a broker site where traders need to make trading volume of around $16,000 to withdraw $550. Simply avoid this kind of broker. Choose the broker which requires a fair requirement for the bonus so that the purpose of using bonus is only to benefit from the trades, and not to reach the required trading volume.


Don't just jump on the binary options brokers offering 100% bonuses. Be sure to read their terms and conditions thoroughly, so that you won't end up letting them seize your funds having no clue at all why it happened. Good news is, binary options trading is sooner or later going to be positioned in the regulated market, making it harder for these frauds to exist.


To protect your funds, use the bonuses only after you know what kind of requirements you need to deal with.



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